In a world full of moving images nothing shows off the true benefits of your products, like showing them in motion through a product video with model!
Short clips of your products in motion, being worn by great models, transports the best possible message to your potential customers.  They can see the product move and sway in the videos and imagine themselves in them.
It’s vital when creating product videos of your goods, to ensure that the product itself stays in focus.  We work hard to make sure that your products are the primary focus of these great videos.  We divide our focus roughly into the following categories:

CLOTHING – we present your clothing in our product video with model

Here we make sure that we model shows of the best parts of the piece, but not so that the video distracts from your products.  As a general rule, the model walks into frame, turns – we then fade to a close up of the article – before fading back as the model walks our the opposite of frame.

FOOTWEAR – we are experts in beautiful footwear videos

We love shooting footwear, and have developed several clean mini-scripts to best show off your footwear.  As a general rule, we don’t show anything but the shoe and shin, so as to not distract from the product at all.  Usually, the model (we work with professional foot models) walks into frame and stands at 45degrees to the camera; we perform a close of up of details, before fading back to the feet, which turn and exit the screen.  As with all our product videos with model, we fade to white, so you can add your logo in where it suits.

ACCESSORIES & SPECIAL PRODUCTS – we put them in focus in the product video

Products that require special handling are a real focus for us.  We can develop new scripts to show a product’s best sides, or showing functionality for technical wear. You get the best product video with model to present your product from it’s best side!
Product video with model

Our packages for video content

We offer all-in packages including everything that’s needed to create wonderful, top quality product videos, as well as product photos of your goods on models:


We pick up your products from anywhere in Europe and deliver them to our studios.


We have a fantastic and broad range of models to choose from.  You can use the images for your own purposes online and also provide them to your sales channels for them to use as well.


It’s not just a myriad of coloured backgrounds we have to choose from, we also have full constructed sets.  Your products can be photographed in an environment that reflects the brand vision.

Glam Crews

Styling, hair & make up – we cover everything working with talented teams who are up to date with the latest trends.

Post Production

After you have approved the roughcut, your video will be colour corrected and graded, and ready to use!